One of the towns on the island of Rhodes is Lindos. Lindos is a white city– all of the houses are white. It sits on the eastern coast of Rhodes. Aside from its proximity to beautiful white beaches, it is known for its acropolis. Acropolis means high city. Many places in Greece have an acropolis. Each one is known as the acropolis of the city or town it is located in. Only the Acropolis in Athens is known as “The Acropolis.” The acropolis was used both for defensive purposes in case of war, since all of the people of the city could be relocated to the high ground behind walls and for religious purposes. At this acropolis, there was the Temple of Athena. Other matters of the day also took place at the acropolis. Legal matters were discussed and adjudicated there as well. The acropolis of Lindos dates possibly as far back as 600 BCE.

A view of Lindos

A view of Lindos

Lindos as seen from the parking lot

Our bus parked at an upper parking lot and we walked perhaps 15 minutes to the lower parking lot. Beyond it, there was no vehicular traffic. In the tourist season (April through October) there are donkeys that will transport you to the top of the acropolis. In the winter, they rest. We caught one relaxing. Note he seems not to display the least bit of guilt.

Donkey at leisure

First I found a local Greek man who was kind enough to pose for a picture. The Greeks are very friendly to tourists.

Then we walked to the top of the acropolis, winding our way through the narrow alleyways. They contained lots of tourist shops but, you guessed it, they all were closed.

Bustling downtown Lindos

Bustling downtown Lindos

We walked up perhaps 100 steps and arrived at an area were there were explanations of what we were to see. In addition, there was a most unusual carving on the wall. It seems that the soil being what it was, the land in the area was not fertile farmland, and so the inhabitants turned to fishing. The carving is the only evidence as to what their fishing ships looked like. It is interesting to note that by about 2000 years BCE, there already were ships that sailed between Egypt and Greece!

The ship

The Stoa

This was the area where all could enter and this is where much of the news of the day and legal issues were discussed.

The Temple of Athena

As you can see, this was reconstructed in recent times. It sits at the top of the mountain and overlooks a magnificent landscape.

The Mediterranean Sea

The white city of Lindos

The white city of Lindos


  1. Great photos that really do the place justice! We loved Lindos. My only regret is that we only had a few hours there, just enough time to race up to the Acropolis and back with kids (well, kid, not a stroller friendly route!). Gorgeous place and would love to visit again. Thank you for posting.

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