Travels with my son II

On day two of our trip to Munich, after the business meeting, we took the subway to Marienplatz, the central square in the downtown walking area Snow is still everywhere as they continue to dig out of the 60 centimeter (24 inch) snowfall of last Friday and Saturday. There are still cars buried in the snow, only a bit of the top of their windshield showing so that a passerby can guess what is under the mountain of snow. From time to time during the afternoon, there were flurries.

People were out walking and stores were open and there was a street performer playing the accordion. The city is dotted with statues of lions in many different poses. Each is specially painted and reflects the theme of its surroundings. The one in front of a bar is wearing a laurel wreath and holding a bottle of wine. The one in front of the confectionery store is painted as if he is made of white and dark chocolate. The one in front of the clock store has markings like a clock and the one in front of the Vodaphone store held red balloons and was wearing a red Vodaphone cap.

Our eyes caught a sign that advertised a special exhibit at the toy museum in honor of 100 years of the teddy bear. How could we resist? The museum was housed in a tower off the main square and to enter we walked through a wooden door up a stone spiral staircase for two floors. When we got to the room at the end of the staircase, there was a sweet old lady and a lot of toys in a room that was no larger than most people’s living rooms in Israel (small) and she was selling the tickets. By this time, we had made enough of a commitment to continue and buy the tickets to see the exhibit. We took the elevator up three more floors and found a room the exact size of her reception room that had lots of teddy bears (including one threadbare bear) and some other toys. Each of the two other rooms on each floor as we descended was the same. The toys were very old, many made of tin and many that were wind-up toys. The variety of bears was interesting. It included some that had been used as to house hot water bottles, baby feeding bottles, and all sorts of pouches and purses.

We walked through a market with beautiful flowers, huge luscious roses with a heavy rose scent. We saw pussywillow, something I hadn’t seen for years. We were able to smell the hot wurst being served at the array of stands as we walked and to smell the sweet smell of the gluwein, a warm cinnamon-flavored wine.

We walked into a few stores and saw cuckoo clocks and music boxes and nutcrackers– all of which awakened fond memories. There I was with my son, the same one who had, when we were living in Wiesbaden, asked for a cuckoo clock for his 5th birthday, looking once again at cuckoo clocks!

As our train headed back to the little village where we are staying, we sat happy and tired from a long fruitful day.

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