Happy Things

Today I had some interesting guests, among them: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a cowboy and a cowgirl, a ninja warrior and the grim reaper, Gandolf and two prairie girls, an oriental beauty and a queen, a married couple, both of whom are pregnant, a gypsy, a lion, an elephant, a magician, a dog, and a bunny. They were all amazingly well-behaved, although a few of them had to be bribed with bananas, strawberries, and chocolate milk.

It’s nice to have a day to just be happy. It was wonderful to see the happy little and big faces. If the story of Purim is survival, then that indeed is something to celebrate, because in every period of history, there are those whose goal it is to destroy us and this one is not an exception. Yet, we not only survive, but we thrive. We enjoy warm celebrations, the kindness of our family and friends, the beauty of our country, the goodness of God.

Today as I walked in the garden with some of the little animals, we noted the new leaves on a number of our trees and the beginnings of buds on some of the fruit trees. Already it is feeling like spring and renewal.

This week, preparations for the wedding continue as my daughter had a fitting on her dress, bought her shoes, and now will be talking to the photographer, video person, and band. We will be calling to make sure we know who will be attending and we will be making up the placecards and sign-in poster. We will be getting in touch with the wedding planner and transferring to her the candles and candlesticks for the tables and we will be arranging for personal flowers. Ah, there’s so much more, but we’ll let you know when it’s all done. The wedding is in less than two weeks!

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