A story with a moral

It was another one of those days in Israel when nothing makes sense. My daughter, having gotten her nails built before her wedding, has urged me to treat myself and finally today, I did.

The woman who builds nails is a lovely young woman with a pretty face that is almost perpetually smiling and an inviting manner. She enjoys what she does and I think more than anything, she enjoys talking with people.

And so, as we made small talk, she mentioned that her father was her hero. He is a really special person, she told me. She said that he owns a pet shop in a nearby town and I asked her where.

A couple of months ago, my daughter dog-sat. Her friend has a pretty white dog called Barbie and Barbie was a guest at my daughter’s house for three weeks or so. This delighted my daughter’s male dog, Poofy. However since her owners had been assured that Barbie was “’fixed,” no one worried about any consequences.

Shortly after my daughter’s wedding, she received word that Barbie was “with pups.” Clearly they were Poofy’s since only he had means, motive AND opportunity.

About a week ago, Barbie gave birth to 5 little white pups.

Whose owner buys dog food at the nail-builder’s father’s store.

The moral of the story: It’s a small world; you have to behave yourself.

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  1. sima uhana says

    Dear Doctor.savta
    Hi there i think your story is very nice. I really enjoed reading it .I think your right about the world beeing so small,who would know better then me.?.?Thank you for thinking of me when writting your story I think your a lovely women that has alot to offer people. Just remember one thing the good people make it to the end smailing.

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