It’s a small world; you have to behave yourself- II

This morning we were driving to Jerusalem and as happens all too often, as I was driving in my lane, so was a motorcyclist – bent on self-destruction. It reminded me of something that happened many years ago.

As the time, I was about 40 years old. We were living in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. My husband was a chaplain on the Army base and I had my private practice in town. One day as I was driving on post, out of nowhere, speeding through a stop sign from a side street, came a motorcycle. I slammed on my brakes in time to just tip the back of the bike. The rider fell off, but immediately got up. I was shaken. A man who was driving a truck behind me saw the whole thing and said that he would call the military police. The motorcyclist begged him not to call the police. He said that there had already been a number of motorcycle accidents in the unit and if this one came to the attention of his commander, then no one would be able to ride. The man from the truck suggested that perhaps the fact that he was speeding, had run a stop sign, and was wearing neither gloves nor helmet (both of which were required on the post) might also have something to do with his reluctance to call the police. The cyclist assured both of us that he was just fine and that we shouldn’t worry about him.

The man from the truck gave me his name and phone number should I need a witness. All three of us left the area.

Later my husband came home. He said he had had a rough day. I asked if it was rougher than hitting a guy on a motorcycle. He then asked me if the motorcycle was black with red flames on the side and yellow flames coming out of the top. I asked how he knew. He said that he was walking near his office and saw a soldier standing next to his motorcycle and trying to fix something on it. My husband asked him what was wrong. He told him that he had been riding his motorcycle on the post and all of a sudden this old lady came barreling along the street and hit him. She had been going 80 miles an hour. The military police had arrested her.

I wonder if he ever imagined that he was talking to that old lady’s husband!

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