From Hungary

For the first time since we began our trip I have internet access through my own laptop!

Until one hasn’t for a while, it’s hard to imagine what a difference it can make.

Yesterday and today we were at Lake Balaton, the largest fresh water lake in Europe outside of Scandanavia. To say it was magnificent would be so very inadequate. We stayed in a little village on a peninsula called Tihany. It was green and quiet and the flowers of all colors among the stone houses with the thatched roofs were beautiful. It was a place where one is inspired to dream… and dream I did… of a ride through the night with lights twinkling.

Today we set off for Budapest and stopped on our way at a lovely city with an unpronounceable name that served as capital of Hungary for several centuries. When we arrived in Budapest, we found our apartment waiting all ready for us except for one thing: hot water. We may yet visit one of those famous Budapest baths.

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