Yesterday we went with two of our children and their families to the zoo in Jerusalem. The zoo is absolutely lovely — clean, landscaped, and full of animals. We particularly enjoyed the magnificently colored birds, the South Africa penguins, the bears, the lions, the elephants, the leopards and the flamingos. However, the high point for me was watching the monkeys.

Of course I wonder if the high point for the monkeys was watching the sweet little monkeys we had brought along to see them. You can see their pictures online at this location.

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  1. cute monkeys. 🙂
    sorry I had to miss it.
    I had a good driving lesson, though.

  2. karen glass says

    It is cloudy and raining in Quincy, ma. There is a storm coming to Florida. Other than that life is the same. I just walk with a walker, i am only 50 yr old.
    What a mess

    Take care

  3. frank spigel says

    The Jerusalem Zoo is more thing, I will have to put on my list next time, I visit Israel.
    It really looks amazing.
    It rains in Quincy, Masschussets, but not Washington, D.C. how interesting.
    We neeed rain In D.C..

  4. I loved the photos of my family at the zoo.
    Seeing my great-great neices & nephews was a real delight.
    since I am the only Mager left, I take particular interest in all you do, so please stay safe and kisses to all, with special hugs to you Rona.
    Love, Aunt Lillie

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