Off to Beijing

No, not me. My husband is on an Uzbek Air flight that will stop in Tashkent and by tomorrow morning, his time, he will be in Beijing, leading his people through the wonders of China.

And you know, after 41 years…

I’ve grown accustomed to his face (the part of it that’s not covered by beard)
He almost makes the day begin (he brings me coffee every morning)
I’ve grown accustomed to the tune, he whistles night and noon (around this time of the year it’s often the nusach for the yamim noraim*)
I do miss him.

So I came home and started organizing the house- washing the laundry, culling closets for clothing we no longer need, putting things in places where I can find them, and getting rid of things we no longer need. While ironing, I even made a discovery: for the close to 200 sheqels (a little under $50) I pay for cable each month, I get no television channel that is worth watching at 2:30 in the afternoon.
So instead, I am thinking of what this trip will be like for him and feeling really happy that he is with a great group of people and he will be doing what he loves the most: teaching people something they want to learn.

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  1. But just think of all the bad puns and jokes you won’t have to hear… (evil grin)…

    Having just come back from the US – there’s nothing on TV there either, so don’t feel too bad.

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