There were ten in the bed and the little one said…

We are looking forward to a fabulous shabbat! The little boy (AKA “he who has no name”) will be the star of the show as family and friends gather to welcome him into the community of Israel.

And I am thrilled.

And also shell-shocked.

For my blessings have caught up with me.

Because on this shabbat, in addition to our youngest daughter who lives a 10 minute walk away from here with her husband and baby and our older daughter, who lives an 8 minute walk away from here with her husband and 6 children (one of them being the selfsame “he who has no name”), we will be enjoying shabbat with our son from Rechovot and his 6 children, our son and his wife from Alon Shevut and their 6 children, and our son and his wife from Givat Shmuel and their 5 children.

Now the meals are no problem (well, they are not MY problem…. my daughter and her husband are taking are of them) but where to sleep? Since the majority of my friends and acquaintances are sane, it was highly unlikely that any one family could be sent to anyone else’s house to sleep… so it appears that we will be able to have a total of 7 people accomodated at 2 locations offsite and the rest of the visitors will be here with us. That means that something like 17 people will be sleeping at our house.

“Let’s face it,” I said to my husband, “there’s no way we will be sleeping Friday night.”

but it will be wonderful having everyone here together for such a happy occasion….

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  1. lori barstow says

    Well then, can someone PLEASE, before the sun goes down take a picture??? We would love to see one or two back here in the old country!!!

    Love, Lori

  2. Sandy Gruenberg says

    I know it will be chaotic but what a yerusha! Enjoy them and good that you have acknowledged that no one wil lsleep but what memories. How wonderful that you are gathering for a simcha! enjoy!

  3. Mazal Tov on Yimi’s Bris. I’m a friend of Rachel’s who thoroughly enjoys reading your blog and appreciates your wisdom.

    I hope you enjoyed being surrounded by all your family.

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