If it’s Thursday, this must be Baltimore

We woke up early in the morning Thursday, a benefit of still adjusting to US time. We gathered our things in preparation to leave for Baltimore. In addition to the normal things people bring on trips (clothing, toiletries, etc.) we are traveling with a number of electronic devices. As a result, the number of cables and connectors and electrical appurtenances is ridiculous. We have the computer, the projector, the digital camera, my iPod, my husband’s MP3, and the cell phone… all of which seem to connect and interconnect. In order to solve the “ohmigosh, there could never be enough outlets in the motel room” problem as well as the “we’re going to have to bring along 50 plug adapters” problem, we brought along an Israeli power strip (known in Israel as a bathtub) and one plug adapter.

But I digress.

The ride to Baltimore was very pleasant.

When we arrived, my cousin was actually even prettier, sweeter and more lovable than I had remembered. Funny thing about DNA. It’s strong stuff.

We presented our show to an audience for the first time in the media room of friends of my cousin and her husband. We had fun doing it and I think they enjoyed it too. I think they will enjoy the gifts we brought for them.

By the time we left, it was late, but we ended the evening with dinner and fell into bed exhausted.

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