Back to Philly

After a lovely breakfast with my cousin, we got into the car and headed toward Philadelphia. My sister, Vicki, was waiting. It was good to see her. We walked to a nearby restaurant and had felafel and then we had a couple of hours to kill before we were to meet with my cousins.

My sister suggested a trip to IKEA (yes, J&K, IKEA). I was really surprised. It was a totally different store from the one in Israel. Totally. Well, of course the first thing I noticed were some no-no’s on the menu at the restaurant, but it was so much more. It was IKEA a l’Americain. It looked nothing like the IKEA we all know and love in Israel. It was very full of merchandise everywhere and there were items that were very American– stuff I had never seen in Israel- fabrics, dark wood furniture, panels to hang on walls. So strange.

For my sister, I am guessing that it was a surreal experience. She is still reeling from her friend’s death, yet with no shiva to attend, she is cut loose back to life and IKEA after having spent a torturous six months watching her friend become sicker and sicker.

I have learned some things about my sister.
1. She is very loyal. Even when things were terrible, she stuck with her friend– even when she broke her leg and was supposed to be home caring for herself.
2. She is unselfish. See above.
3. She is resilient. Now, when she could, and has every right to dissolve into [temporary] dependence, she didn’t. Despite it all, she is a kind and gracious hostess.

Tonight we met with our cousins and Lori brought along two treasures: a book of old family photographs (of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents) and her daughter- a bright sunny little girl she adopted from China. Ada (my father’s sister’s daughter) and her husband joined us and it was wonderful to see them again. Bruce (Lori’s brother) was also with us. The restaurant was miraculously empty and we had a couple of hours to ourselves in a gigantic living room– and so what else to do but show pictures of China, pictures of the grandchildren, a short video of Yaakov juggling and another of Sam singing.

It was a lovely evening. And now if I can just keep earthlink feather-something from hijacking my computer…. (I’m using my sister’s for this)

Tomorrow- On to Newburgh

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  1. Ah! You make me so proud! The one in South Philly or Conshohocken?

    What a melee of emotions you’re dealing with. How are things going presentation wise?

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