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This morning we woke up in Philadelphia, played a bit with Roxy the cat, and proceeded onward in the direction of Newburgh, NY. We enjoyed driving up the Jersey Turnpike, a road that carried for us a number of associated memories.

We stopped in Montvale, New Jersey and bought some food for lunch and for dinner. Then we drove on in the direction of Newburgh, NY.

We even remembered our way to our friend, Gail’s home! It was wonderful to see her and her husband and her daughter once again. Gail arranged our talk here in Newburgh and it’s hard to even explain how special she is as a person and as a friend. All I can say is that she is the absolute best!

The meeting we spoke at was very nice. We enjoyed seeing some of the people we knew when Aaron lived here (I never actually lived in Newburgh.) Unfortunately we had an equipment failure (no, not a wardrobe malfunction, an equipment failure.

In order to use our computer (that had a round European plug) in the US along with the projector we purchased here (that has flat US plug) we brought along an Israeli/European extension cord along with an adapter so that it would fit into a US socket as well as an adapter for the US purchased projector so that it would fit into our Israeli/European extension cord. (Have I lost you yet? No? I thought by now no one would follow me)….

Anyway, apparently the adapter that had been at the end of the Israeli/European extension cord got left in Philadelphia, thereby making the extended operation of the computer problematic. So out my husband went to get us a replacement at the Radio Shack. Fortunately, they had just what he needed and so the evening went off just fine.

All’s well that ends well. Now the people in Newburgh too can hardly wait to join us on a vacation to China!!!

(At least that’s what I am hoping.)

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  1. Wow. Glad you were able to get the right adapter. I know how annoying those things can be.

  2. Montvale.
    did you stop at the A&P? Was it still there?
    Is the food still bizarre?

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