Newburgh-New Rochelle-Philadelphia

We ended our trip to Newburgh, saying goodbye to our friends, and went on in the direction of New Rochelle. We stopped at West Point where we found some things that we were looking for in the PX. One of them was a new camera. Although I really have enjoyed my digital camera, it is a couple of years old and it was time to upgrade. We got a really great camera that I have yet to take out of the box and figure out— we’ve just been moving too fast.

We went on to New Rochelle and met my friend Sandy at a restaurant for dinner. What can I say? Sandy is wonderful- warm and gracious and kind and caring. When we got to her home, we set up our show quickly as she prepared a feast for the guests. The people she had invited were delightful and they made the evening very special.

Over Sandy’s fireplace is the most exquisite picture of her five gorgeous grandchildren. It made me so happy to see what pleasure she derives from them.

After breakfast, Sandy packed us a lunch and of we drove to Philadelphia.

Once in Philadelphia, we went into tourist mode, meeting my sister for a picnic lunch and ultimately riding the duck. What a hoot! (Actually, what a quack!) We had a great time riding through the streets of the city listening to really bad duck puns and finally splashing into the Delaware River! What an adventure! We all were given plastic duck bills that make a quacking sound when you blow into them. We all participated in a quacking symphony as we quacked to the chicken song and then to the Blue Danube Waltz. We really enjoy being tourists and the duck ride was just what we needed after days of being serious adults.

Tomorrow, we stay in Philadelphia and continue being tourists. I will try very hard not to quack too much.

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  1. Anonymous says

    what a delight it was haivng Rona and Aaron! My friends loved them. They were so engaging and articulate and the photos were exquisite! Everyone wants to travel to China. thanks again for including us as a stop on the trek! Sandy

  2. Remind me to tell you my bad duck jokes from Wisconsin Dells when you get back.

    Now you can say that you went into the Delaware River and lived to tell the tale. Impressive!

    Where to next?

  3. You quack me up!

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