What a day!

We spent the day in Philadelphia with my sister after a brief skype visit with the family in the morning…

One of the places we went was Border’s where the selection of English language books was nothing less than spectacular!

But by far, the best part of the day was meeting our grandson for the first time. This fabulous child is ours by marriage (his father married my daughter) and although I had imagined he would be a nice child, I could never have pictured him as bright and clever and friendly and charming as he is. And now, since he calls me savta, I officially count him among my grandchildren.

Here we are together

We are excited that he will be visiting Israel in August and that we will get to spend more time with him then.

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  1. How lucky he is to become a part of your warm and enveloping family! No wonder you have so many grandchildren!

  2. Ah Borders. Sniffle, tear.

    Where to next?

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