Overheard at the Dalhart Super 8 Motel

Cora: I jest don’t know. Seems pretty darned suspicious.
Ella: Why, Cora, you always are suspicious of somethin’
Cora: You are right. But this time I know I am right. Somethin’ funny’s goin’ on and I mean to find out what it is.
Ella: OK, what is it?
Cora: Well, yesterday this car stopped outside. Out of it came the two of ’em. They was wearin’ them baseball hats that said “Beijing 2008” with the Olympic symbol on them. The man had a long white beard. They both were wearin’ safari vests that were bulgin’ in the pockets. They asked for a room for two nights. They said they were from someplace out of the United States- Iran, maybe, maybe Iraq…one of them countries that starts with “I”… don’t remember, but they sure sounded like Americans.
Ella: OK, they sound a bit odd, but I don’t see why you’re so upset.
Cora: Well, here’s the thing… They brought into the motel suitcase after suitcase and bag after bag- I don’t know how all that stuff even fit into that room and now here’s the weirdest part… As soon as they got into that room, they put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the two of them ever since.
Ella: You mean they went out all day and haven’t come back yet?
Cora: No. I mean they haven’t opened that door even once in the last 24 hours. They’s in there. I don’t know what’s goin’ on in there, but the few times I walked by in the hall, I didn’t hear anything. No signs of life at all.
Ella: Well, maybe they just like watchin’ TV a lot.
Cora: Well, they might, but it turns out that after they checked in, I discovered that the TV in that room doesn’t work and I figured I would wait til they complained before I changed it. They never said a word.
Ella: Well what do you think they’re doin’ in there?
Cora: Darned if I know. They’re old folks, so there ain’t many possibilities. I just hope they’re not makin’ a bomb or waitin’ for instructions to hold people hostage or somethin’.
Ella: Well, did you check out their license plate?
Cora: Yeah, like they said, it’s a rental. The police ran the number and they were spotted in Dodge City yesterday. He was drivin’ funny, ducking down sometimes, takin’ his hat off once, and she was takin’ pictures from the car as they moved through. They never stopped.
Ella: So why don’t you knock on their door and see if you can find out anything from them?
Cora: I’m scared. You want to?
Ella: No thanks. I gotta go home now and wash my hair.
Cora: Well, thanks a lot. No doubt you’ll be sorry when you see them on America’s Most Wanted.

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  1. Pretty freaky…

  2. *giggle*

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