Sure, why not

So you want to hear about the family…

Well, there is my generation. We are a total of three people: my husband, my sister, and I. My husband was a chaplain in the US Army and a civilian rabbi until he came to Israel on aliya in 1999. My sister has been working in the Philadelphia Prisons for a very long time (around 30 years). She’s a social worker. See. That was easy.

I’ll tell you a little more about each of them.

My husband and I first met the summer he turned 21 and I was approaching 16. He had already graduated from college and was starting rabbinical school and I was returning that fall to start my junior year in high school. We were just friends. I had a kind of a crush on him, but girls that age are always having crushes and it’s probably only a coincidence that we ended up getting married. We simply stayed in touch long enough until both of us were in a position to think of marriage seriously. I’m not sure I knew what I was doing when I married him, but so far it’s worked out well (and it’s 42 years.) One of the big things he has going for him is that he is able to put up with me.

My sister has been with me for all but the first 4.5 years of my life. She has always been my friend. Even when I didn’t treat her very well, she was my friend. We supported each other through difficult, but very different childhoods. She was the favored child and I the child who was the recipient of most of our mother’s anger. I think she had the harder job. I knew I could never please my mother. She thought she could. Through the years, through ups and downs, we have remained close and although we live far apart, we never really *are* far apart.

So that’s this generation… next, some musings about some of my kids (hopefully in a way that won’t embarrass them too much.)

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  1. How well I remember some of those years. You definitely engender love in those around you even though none of us are good to our loved ones all of the time. That’s why family is so important. As I always tell my kids, take care of each other since when we are gone, no one else will be able to laugh with you about your parents like your sibs!

  2. Hi Rona,
    I keep on reading your blog and thinking alot about what you say.

    The point that the favored child has a harder job is completely new to me.

    I also think i was one of the least favored child (that always needed alot of fixing up i.e lose weight, keep tidy, be more social etc) although my family is a lot larger family (how about 16)

    we all know of one of my brothers that was a HUGE favorite I never thought about it that he may have had it hard let alone harder…
    I will sit on this…

    Meanwhile I have to deal with my life now and toilet training is the name of the game… wish me luck,

    Thank you for your thought provoking comments,


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