Note to OB/GYN staff: If the woman is doubled over in pain by contractions that have been coming every 2.5 minutes for the last 6 hours, she *is* in labor and deserves a place to lie down.

Note to charge person at labor and delivery: If a patient’s advocate tells you that there is no staff person– no doctor, nurse, midwife, or janitor– in the triage area for the last 20 minutes and then tells you they’ve checked by opening the doors of all of the rooms (all 4 of them) and finding no one, please try not to say “There is a midwife there.”

Note to big hospital complex: A place that sells foodstuffs other than soda, coffee and over-sugared pastries (perhaps even a vending machine!) should be open 24 hours.

Note to Hadassah ladies: We love your medical center. It is big and beautiful. It has lots of nice buildings, lots of intelligent, innovative and very kind people working there. Please send us some more anesthesiologists so that a woman in labor can get an epidural in less than 5 hours from when she is promised.

Note to G-d: Thank you for letting me witness a miracle today.

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  1. Mazel Tov – Mazel Tov – I think!!!

    Boy – Girl – quads?

    Who is the mommy?

  2. It is a precious little girl.

    Her mommy and daddy are olim who came to Israel last year without a family and are now part of ours.

  3. Mazal Tov. I know you told me about them and I am so happy for you all. Another Jewish soul in the world!

  4. The upside to this whole story: I now realize just how amazingly blessed I was to have contractions that were still 6 minutes apart 7 hours before I gave birth.

    Also upside: my husband realizes how blessed he was to have been able to “only” spend 6 hours in the hospital with me before I gave birth.

    Upside #3: My mother and husband now realize how incredibly blessed they were to not have to miss a night’s sleep for Kinneret’s birth.

    Upside #4: Kinneret has a new baby girl cousin who lives in town! I just know they’re going to be best buddies, as soon as Kinneret learns that not everything she sees is a drum and/or a chew toy!

  5. Quads?! Yegads!
    Another note: Never go into labor without your Dr. Savta standing by.
    Thanks again for everything.

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