If my life were a Hallmark film

The film could open with the caption “September 10, 1972 — Fort Campbell, Kentucky”

We would be sitting around the kitchen table:
my husband in uniform

Benjy, blond haired, sparkling blue-eyed, inquisitive, 5 years old
Rachel, long silky haired, always busy, bubbly, full of laughter, 3 years old
Shmuly, curly brown-haired, devilish grinned, very cuddlesome, almost 2 years old
Akiva, blond haired, blue eyed baby, 5 months old

My husband would say to me, “Happy Birthday!” and I would look around the table and feel totally blessed. And he would say, “Now what do you wish for?”

And I would answer, “I want all of these children to have wonderful happy, healthy lives and to grow up and do meaningful things– to be kind to each other and to other people- to be sensitive and caring.

And he would say, “But for yourself…”

And I would say, “I want to live to see them grow up to adulthood.”

And he would say, “What would be your wildest dream?”

And I would say, “OK, I want to live to see Akiva’s wife give birth to their 6th child”

And he would laugh. And I would laugh, looking at our tiny baby.

And then the film would fade to today– and we would be picking up the phone and hearing,

“It’s a boy!”

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  1. Mazal tov lanu u’lechol am yisrael!

  2. Lori Barstow says

    Mazel Tov! WOWOWOW!!!! So happy for them.

    Love From Philadelphia!

  3. What a wonderful birthday present!! Mazel Tov and best wishes for a very happy birthday and a terrific year!!!

  4. And so ends our little baby girl’s short-lived reign as youngest in the family. 🙂

    Mazal tov and can’t wait to meet her newest little playmate.

  5. Kehn Kehn! Mazel Tov! May the Lord bless the whole family as only He can.

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