Through the orchid garden

We had a lovely shabbat. We took a walk up Ham Rong mountain, passing the orchid garden and climbing to about 17.000 meters above sea level. We are only a few miles from China, up in the mountains- home to the Black Hmong, Red Zhou, and many other of the 53 Vietnamese minorities. The people here are very beautiful and very friendly. The landscape is breathtaking. Today there were some orchids in blossom, the small yellow-brown ones- but in addition the mountain had beautifully landscaped gardens. It was a perfect day, sunny, not too warm and not too cool. Tomorrow we go on to the market in BacHa.

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  1. Hi Rona,
    So glad your trip is working out.
    Makes me want to be there.

    I hope the tragedy in Indai doesnt impact your plans.
    Good luck

  2. Senchow! In the county where I live in Alabama, parents complain about the schools that teach French–they want Spanish. I tell them that Americans should learn a variety of languages, and that French is important because it is understood in Southeast Asia, AND many Middle Eastern countries. With globalization of the economy we must communicate with many nations. I ask, “Do you think it’s easier to communicate with Arabs in Arabic or in French? Most people have heard that Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

    My father learned Vietnamese in Fort Bliss Texas, as he was an interrogator in the war. It was amusing to hear the different tones he had to practice at home from reel to reel tapes!

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