It may have been worth it

The news from the Dr Savta house is that Dr Savta finally is able to walk up a proper flight of stairs. This is very exciting. Of course, there is no railing which means that although it is safe for us, until the man comes to measure and makes the large glass panels that will protect people from falling off the ends of the stairs, grandchildren under the age of about 10 are not invited to visit. (That means that about 19 little children will find themselves banned from the premises.)

But that’s OK, since the air pollution level in here is probably at the toxic waste dump level. Everything (and I do mean everything) is covered with white dust. Depending on how many times I have cleaned the surface, the amount of dust ranges from unbelievable to alarming. Take for example, the bathtub… My husband made the mistake of walking into the bathroom on the second floor yesterday. He said, “Oh no, what happened!” I went to him. He said, “Oh, it’s only dust.” The dust in that bathroom was so thick and beige colored that he thought they had painted the bathtub, sink, and toilet beige. But it is not wise to clean up there because there is still construction on its way. Today they painted the door frames throughout the house and now we have no doors hanging– not in our bedroom nor in our bathroom… another reason why grandchildren (and children as well) including those from 10-15 (that’s 10 of them) also are banned from the house.

But wait… there’s more! We are lengthening the area of our kitchen window. So, for now, the wall has been cut almost all the way through– meaning that the entire dairy side of the kitchen is mostly defunct (yeah, more prohibited people).

Today, I met with a man who is moving from the US to Modi’in. He works in the therapy field and wanted to know if we could chat a bit about the realities of providing therapy in Israel. When I told him that I would invite him to my home, but that we were doing renovations, I am pretty sure he didn’t believe me. So to food court we went. If I never eat at the food court again this year, I still will probably break the frequency record for 2009 for most meals eaten at the Modi’in Mall.

But I digress…

The steps look really good. The walls look clean and pretty. The electricity is all working. We probably have 2 more weeks of this to go, but I think in the end, the Dr Savta home will be beautiful.

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  1. you can always come cook at my house.

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