Renovations update

The Dr Savta house is still being renovated. I suddenly became inspired to rename my humble abode “the Dr Savta House” having watched Dr Phil this week while stationary bicycling at the gym. The thing that distinguishes it from the “Dr Phil House” is that here at Dr Savta’s we do not have drug-addicted people or people engaged in loud shouting matches (if you discount some of the gnashing of teeth over some of the renovation-related mis-adventures). We also have a smaller number of hidden cameras.

So where are we with the renovations? Well, the upstairs apartment is painted, the bathrooms are in and functioning, the lighting fixtures are hung, the counter between the living room and kitchen is in and we have most of the furniture either in, ordered, or identified (so that we know where to go to get what we need). Unfortunately, the bathtub was removed from the bedroom before I had a chance to take a picture to put on the wall labeled “the Kyle Room.” But life goes on…

In the downstairs apartment (where we have valiantly attempting to live our lives for lo these many weeks of upheaval and dust), we have the steps installed (all but the top one which had to be removed because the contractor still had to replace the marble he had removed from the landing when we discovered all of the electrical cables were running through the former steps and we had to have the house rewired and the cables had to go somewhere…) The uprights for the rail have been put in, but the rail, which will be glass, will not arrive for another week. The kitchen window area is still boarded up, but the window guy tells me that we will have it on Sunday. The new window sill that we have looks gorgeous. It is the same black granite as the rest of the kitchen counters and I love it! We also have to replace the windows in the laundry area of our kitchen. I hope that will happen sometime next week as well.

The piles of assorted household stuff remain a challenge. My office is finally straightened out– I threw out vast quantities of papers that had no future use… and now the big challenge is getting the library corner and the two back bedrooms straightened out. It’s daunting, but it will get it done. The whole house will eventually look great because it’s all freshly painted and soon to be neat.

Can Dr Phil say the same thing? I think not.

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  1. You have to put up pictures for us to admire of your castle when it is completed. Have you made provision for a hidden message inside a wall to be discovered in a 1000 years by the next generation of explorers.

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