Sunny days and Fridays

The renovations continue. Just when I was thinking there is almost nothing left to do, I realized that there’s at least another week left…

Today is a bright sunny day and I went out early to do the grocery shopping. I used to hate grocery shopping in the US, but here, I love it. I never get over how beautiful the fruits and produce are and how relatively inexpensive they are here. I love that I don’t have to worry if the food I am buying is kosher. I check for fat content, for sugar content, but I don’t have to worry about the kashrut. How nice! I love running into people I know at the supermarket, especially on Friday mornings, knowing they are all getting ready for shabbat.

I came home and suddenly was overcome with a desire to clean. Yes, hard to believe of me, but suddenly I wanted to make everything spotless. It’s been about 4 hours now and I am taking a rest, but I am still on the cleaning kick… and no, Dr Savta is not available for hire, even by my children.

Have a wonderful shabbat!

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  1. I wish that cleaning bug bites me. Enjoy the spotless house (for as long as it lasts)

  2. Are you sure that you can’t be hired out? What if I threw in a free trip to Australia? 😉

    It’s good for the soul, being in a clean house, isn’t it!! Enjoy.

    Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it so much. Especially today. Today sucked.
    Lucky tomorrow is not today. XOX

  3. You know, a cleaning bug bit me once too. I went to Dr. Nonchalant and he gave me some pills for it and an injectible pen for it in case I get bitten again, on account of being allergic to it and all.
    You ought to ask him about it. Then again, it would be easier to squeeze blood from a turnip than get a scrip from him.

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