Keeping on keeping on

My grandson Ephraim had his surgery 2 weeks ago. Last week, we returned to the doctor to see how he was healing post-surgery. He was doing fine. We were surprised that he had us make an appointment for this week. My daughter and I went today and thank G-d, he is still doing fine. This time it was not the doctor who has been caring for him and we both worried that the 4 hours we spent waiting would be wasted, but they weren’t. The doctor we saw seemed very much on board with his condition and we gained a feeling of confidence from her. We again were surprised that we were asked to make another appointment with his doctor for next week. These appointments are at Tel HaShomer Hospital which is on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

We are in a territory that we are unfamiliar with– his condition is not something we had ever hear of before and although we are learning more about it every day, we don’t know the ins and outs of what the medical people will be doing for him and how his appointment schedule will look and whether or not they will decide to put in a contact lens or patch his good eye… we are simply relying on the medical people to lead us through this step by step.

We are grateful to the lay people here in Israel who have given us support through the yahoo PHPV email group. They have helped us to feel comfortable with the expertise of the people who are treating Ephraim. But what is fascinating to me is that although I have had many experiences in my life, this one is totally new. It requires patience and trust and a willingness to accept what is happening and to walk confidently one foot in front of the other, knowing that ultimately, what his parents are doing for Ephraim is providing the very best care available anywhere.

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