A Matter of Size — Movie Review

Last night my husband and I and a friend of ours went to see A Matter of Size –in Hebrew סיפור גדול. It is an Israeli film. It was billed as a comedy, but it was so much more!

Herzl, a overweight man who lives in Ramla (a city about 20 minutes from where I live) is a member of a group that meets on a regular basis for the purpose of losing weight. Unfortunately, he is not very successful in this endeavor and suffers humiliation in that setting just as he has all his life. When he begins working at a Japanese restaurant, he notices that the Japanese workers are fascinated by Sumo wrestling and begins to think that perhaps rather than battling his weight on an ongoing basis, he could use it to his advantage as a Sumo wrestler.

The story is at once funny, touching, and bittersweet. One comes to love the characters– his friends, his mother, and the Sumo master– who act as an ensemble cast, seeming to posses real affection for each other. One imagines a cast party as a very happy, good-natured event. There are moments of laughter and moments of empathy for several of the characters. The story is well written with interesting foreshadowing. It is full of surprises.

My companions and I give it three thumbs up and recommend it to everyone, You will enjoy it!

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  1. It is a very Jewish approach: to turn your disadvantages into commercially valuable advantage

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