Helpful Hint

I’m not a Dr for nothing, you know. I expect that you will listen to me when I tell you something because, of course, I know best. So listen now:

Use sunblock.

Anyone who knows me knows that I never sat out in the sun to get a tan. In fact, I avoid the sun as much as possible because my skin is relatively light and I have always had a tendency to burn very easily.

Still, a few months ago I realized that I had a sore on my nose that didn’t heal. Yesterday I had a very long (over 7 hours) procedure to remove a basal cell carcinoma. They got everything– something we know for sure because at every stage they did a biopsy. The chances of recurrence are less than 5%. But it hurt and still hurts and it will be a long time before my face feels OK again (I know because an earlier unsuccessful procedure left me with pain for weeks.)

Using sunblock is not a guarantee, sometimes one is just unlucky, but why take chances? Protect yourself.

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  1. Wow. I’m grateful the surgery was successful, but sorry you’re in pain. I hope that goes away very quickly, and you have a r’fuah shlema.

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