More on the car

This morning I filled out the insurance papers and faxed them to our agent. I also sent him the pictures I had taken of the damage.
Glass in the car seats

I think the broken glass on the kiddy seats is a really sad image, but the fact that the kiddies were far far away when this happened made even this imagine less than traumatic.

This is the way the car looked:
From the right side
From the left side

and of course, there were assorted parts strewn on the floor.

Today I got a call from the insurance guy who told me that the vandals got the ??? main electrical thing (I must interject here that my knowledge of how vehicles work consists of understanding that the small people who sit under the hood and pedal subsist on a diet of gasoline (poor things) and somehow are satisfied enough to do it day after day with precious little complaining, but I digress) and that that thing is not easily available. So, he told me, they will have to go to junkyards to see if they can purchase one. So of course I realize that it is possible that the vandals have taken the item either because someone ordered it (because they are not easily available) or that they have sold it to someone who sells the item, because it is not easily available. Hence, it is possible that my insurance company may be buying the part that was stolen to replace it in my car.

However, I prefer to believe that it is a bit like a heart, the part that keeps things running, and I would prefer to think that it will be a piece of a car whose body failed it and that it and I will be happy as it comes to live in a new and happy body.

Or maybe sometimes a car part is just a car part.

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  1. yeah. I get why that’s very upsetting to come outside to.
    I hope they get it up and running quickly, and I hope the thieves broke that piece while they were taking it out so they can’t make any money off of it.

  2. Aha. So maybe they got what they were looking for after all. Maybe it’s the piece that will make the heat work in my Diahatsu that they stole back in 2001… Think of those poor freezing car thieves who’ll finally be warm again.

  3. If the car is not drivable does that make it a total loss and then will the insurance company buy you a new car? or
    Find a local teenager and ask him/her how to “hot-wire” the car to start it.

  4. Hi Rona — I’ve been thinking a lot about you guys with all the news coming out of Egypt. Wow.
    My e-mail address has changed, as my newspaper job (of 27 years) went away Jan. 19. They laid off 46 people. Things have not been going well for the paper for some time.
    I hope the car problem gets resolved without too much hassle.
    — Chris

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