Rona & Aaron’s Excellent Adventure, Part 20


Our time in Cambodia was magical. There were magnificent edifices, beautiful scenery, and the kindest, most beautiful people to meet. We stayed at a hotel that had a lovely swimming pool, surrounded by tropical plants. Each day we would leave in the morning after breakfast on the terrace beside the pool. we would see magnificent things, and we would return to the hotel for the hottest part of the day. Some of our people swan, some read books, some napped, and some went to the market just next door to the hotel. Later we left for our afternoon excursion and then returned to the hotel for dinner on the terrace.

Two of the evenings we were in Cambodia were particularly memorable. On one evening we ate dinner out of the lawn beyond the swimming pool where there was a stage set up. They brought out two round tables and set them adding flowers and candles and they served our food to us there. As we ate, we were treated to a full performance of lovely Cambodian Dances. Here is a short glimpse at what it was like.

Here is some more dancing by the lovely Cambodian ladies.

The night was truly magical.

But there was yet another night that had its own magic. Outside our hotel were cyclos — drivers who has motorcycles with a cart attached to the back. We all took cyclos into town to the night market. It’s a beautiful market with lots of wonderful things to buy– jewelry, clothing, and all sorts of objects produced locally. For us, though, the highlight was the massage that our feet got. Here’s the sign:

Doctor Fish

Doctor Fish

The small fish eat the dry skin on one’s feet and the sensation is totally hysterical. Here we are enjoying the experience

In short, our tour, although off to a rough start, turned out to be the tour of a lifetime!


  1. every places has its own uniqueness…

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