Coming to the US

The news is that if all goes well, we will be coming to the US in June and July and will be traveling to communities to do travelogues on China (including Tibet) and Vietnam/Cambodia. We will be presenting these free of charge to groups for the purpose of letting people know that there is a fantastic tour company that provides the highest quality kosher tours (Shai Bar Ilan Geographical Tours). It will be a travelogue, not a sales pitch and we are happy to have one and all there whether or not they ever plan to travel. We understand that people have friends and relatives and we want our name to be the one associated with travel! We have all sorts of stories and anecdotes and we promise no one will be bored… we even are bringing some gifts. If you are interested in having us visit your community, you can write me at

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  1. lori barstow says

    When are you coming to Philadelphia? I am psyched!! I will be there…along with our special Chinese souvenir. Love, Lori

  2. Ken Goodman says

    Will you be visiting Los Angeles or Toronto? In Toronto Yaakov’s cousin Marnie Krebs is wedding July 6th and we will be there July 2-9. In Los Angeles, where we live, we would make a point of meeting you.

    How are the Chinese people copping with 7.9 quake? U.S. News coverage is very limited. Do you have the name of a reliable charity in the quake area?


  3. Sandy Gruenberg says

    How exciting. Please look us up although we will be in Israel for 10 days starting on the 19th of July.