I haven’t been writing recently for a few reasons. One reason is that I have had a cold/cough that has persisted for over 6 weeks and still seems to be going strong despite antibiotics and inhalers and cold medicine and nasal spray (all prescribed by Dr. Nonchalant).

The second reason is this: I have become more and more disappointed by the US election process. I, of course, have my reasons for my preferences and I feel a responsibility to my children and grandchildren to talk about what I consider a threat to their very lives. When people with differing points of view have written me, both on and off line, I have read what they had to say and what they recommended I read, and I have watched and listened to the various video clips and sound bites they have sent me. I think it’s important to be informed.

What I don’t like are the tactics that are being employed by those on the Obama side of the fence who are saying that people who don’t vote for Obama are either stupid or racist. What I don’t like is that when questions that I consider legitimate are raised, the campaign functionaries try to kill the messenger. Poor “Joe the plumber” has been all but eviscerated. And what does Obama say about it? Nothing. Nothing. This is the same campaign that criticized Palin for not responding to a remark that after FBI investigation of over 100 people was found to have been heard only by the reporter who wrote of it. What did Obama say about that attack on Palin? Oh. Nothing. How can this party have the gall to claim the moral high ground?

Let me put myself on record as neither stupid nor racist. In all of the years I have lived, I am fairly certain that I have never acted in a manner that was racist and never judged a person by the color of his/her skin. I have already cast my absentee ballot (which is unlikely to ever be opened, because I am voting in NY and the election there will not be close) and my only considerations were the future of the United States of America and the future of my grandchildren. Honesty, integrity, and commitment to the ideals of the United States of America outweigh political correctness and the “ends justify the means” behavior of the left liberals. And, with some trepidation I want to end with a prayer that G-d indeed bless America.

See this:

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  1. I second your prayer for whomever wins. I too feel that I have researched and explored the areas and I have come up with a different result, but I deplore the campaign tactics of both! May God bless our country as right now it seems to really be faltering!