Rona Michelson was born in Philadelphia, PA and lived there until her marriage in 1966. With her husband, a US Army chaplain, she lived subsequently in 18 different homes. Along the way she has had 5 children and received 5 university degrees including a doctorate in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. She taught childbirth education classes, worked as a doula, trained to be a family therapist and had a private practice in family therapy at some of the places she lived. In 1995, she moved to Israel where all of her children and their children live. There, she taught family therapy on a graduate level and did supervision of family therapy as well as seeing a few private clients.

Free to travel with all of her children grown, she and her husband discovered the excitement of seeing and experiencing new places, learning about their history and culture, meeting the people, and seeing natural wonders. In short, she became addicted to traveling and enjoys most of all, traveling in the Orient with China, Vietnam, and Cambodia as favored destinations. She is lucky enough to be working for Shai Bar Ilan Geographical Tours which has been providing the highest standard in kosher travel with rich itineraries, attention to every detail that makes traveling worry-free, and delicious, freshly prepared, kosher food, prepared in conjunction with local chefs in each city.

She hopes you will join her soon for a trip to cherish!

Liu Hai -- The Good Luck Garden, Hangzhou, China

Liu Hai -- The Good Luck Garden, Hangzhou, China

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