Inanimate Objects

I have finally gotten some of the items I needed to do out of the way. I cleared a couple of shelves in the walk-in closet and put in a couple of loads of laundry, washed the breakfast dishes, and watered the plants. I sat down to write, having no idea what it was that I wanted to say when all of a sudden I heard something fall in the kitchen. I could have gotten up to see what it was and perhaps I could have seen without getting up if I strained myself enough to lean forward and look around the corner, but I am convinced it is just another one of my household items that is bound and determined to drive me crazy.

Years ago my husband and I observed “inanimate objects aren’t.” They seem to have a life of their own. Socks, for example, escape during the washing process and frequently take off with the mate of another, not unlike some humans I have heard about. Pencils and pens disappear precisely one minute before you need them. It is useless to search since they are practiced at rolling to the least accessible floor location possible. Leftovers in the refrigerator hide behind other foods and never appear when you need a quick snack, but they miraculously reappear when you are looking for something to serve guests and usually they have by then taken on a blue or green fuzzy appearance. Let’s not even talk about Legos, of which there are never enough for your child to build what he has been working on, but always enough to appear under a bare foot in the middle of the night. How many thousands of dollars of Legos did I throw away for just that reason before I found out that ounce for ounce they are more precious than gold?

So when I heard something fall in the kitchen, I thought: “does it really pay to look?” It didn’t sound as if anything broke, at least not glass, and who knows, when I pick it up, I may find a couple of unmatched socks or perhaps a pen.

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