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Off we go…

In a few hours we will we taking off on what we hope will be a fabulous trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. There always are last minute things to do, remember, take, eliminate, take care of, but somehow it all gets done and I am sure that we will be ready when it is time to leave.

Although we will probably have internet access while away, we are likely to be too busy to make use of it, so I will leave you with the URL of my travel blog and there you can see where we’ll be in two days and also have a chance to look at some other sights in Vietnam and Cambodia (you can search by category).


Yes, still here, still opinionated

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. No, I have not been roaming around the world (as much as I would have liked to.) I simply have been preoccupied by preparations for our next trip– the tour we are leading to Vietnam and Cambodia. Since we have people coming from 4 different countries with different connecting flights and since we can’t always get the internal flights at the times we would prefer, we’ve had to do a lot of planning trouble-shooting, rescheduling and renegotiation with the local providers. Everything has been settled to my satisfaction– and I am a tough one to satisfy– but it has taken a lot of energy to say nothing of stress.

Now, add to that a cough I developed about 4 weeks ago that until about two days ago was getting worse and worse and you have the recipe for no blog posts.

But I have not been idle in my thoughts. I share with my friend Alissa the thought that we have been hearing entirely too much about the Fort Hood murderer and not nearly enough about the innocent people whose lives he took. I offer my deepest condolences to the families of those who were murdered and my prayers for full recovery for those who were injured. As I has suspected, these people were the victims of political correctness. All of the signs of a radical Islamist were there and no one was willing to pay attention enough to prevent this massacre.

My husband and I raised our children on Army posts in the US and in Germany. The posts we lived on were beautiful. The grass was trimmed, he trees were stately, and it was the finest America had to offer. We always felt safe. Nothing bad happened on Army posts. Our children could play outside and no one would bully them or hurt them. Even the people driving cars through the housing areas obeyed the speed laws that limited them to 15 MPH. It was idyllic America. If the safest place in the world is no longer safe, it is a very dark and sad time.

I think we need to stop thinking of all philosophies and belief systems as being morally equivalent. How many times have I heard people say that all religions are good. I am sorry. That is simply not so. A religion that encourages people to kill those who believe differently is NOT good. It is NOT acceptable that radical Muslims call for Jihad when that means killing people. It is NOT OK that their murderers are celebrated as heroes– having streets and sports fields named after them. The world needs to wake up and recognize this. We should not be afraid to say that radical Islam is destructive and must be stopped. That is a very different thing from condemning all Muslims. If we cannot make this moral distinction, our future is in jeopardy.

I was surprised to find this article in the New York Times , one of the champions of political correctness, this morning.

And in our neighborhood, we have Iran whose leader shares the murderous intentions of the Jihadists and he is developing nuclear capability. It is time to stop waiting to see what he will do. He has made his intentions perfectly clear and I am in his gun sight.