Flexing my muscles

It’s a sunny Sunday morning and I have been doing windows. Actually, before you begin to think that it means I am a good housekeeper, I must tell you that we have had approximately 10 grandchildren born since I last did the outside of a window. But it does, nonetheless, feel good and it’s nice to know that there are real trees and houses and streets outside that I had never actually seen before.

The occasion of the cleaning, for after all, let’s face it, it takes an occasion of major importance, is my daughter’s upcoming marriage. As I began to look at the house through the eyes of my expected visitors, I realized that clean windows might be a nice touch. I most likely will attack the dust on the bookshelves and books not to mention the blades of the ceiling fans. Who knows, even another coat of whitewash (we’ve never gotten around to painting the walls with real paint) is possible. After all, giving birth to her was the easy part, raising her, a bit more of a challenge, but getting ready for the wedding gives me the opportunity to flex my muscles in a new and literal way. After all, this is the last of the children to marry. I have to get it right this time.

So on go the gloves. The bleach is at the ready. Every mirror will sparkle; every dust bunny will be evicted. This is a full-scale operation. All visitors between now and the wedding will be issued cleaning supplies and expected to use them.

Or at least that’s the way I feel today.

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  1. Gail Oliver says

    Dear Rona,

    I can truly relate to your “need to clean” reasoning. I do feel a little guilty about being one of the expected visitors and therefore, an instigator of these actions, but sometimes it is a good excuse to get the things done we have put on the back burner.

    Last weekend was Superbowl Sunday in the States. My husband and I often hold a party on that day. (I remember you coming to them years ago.) We invite only local friends because of the threat of a possible snowstorm but somehow we end up with about 40 people. This year I used the upcoming party, which is something Ken really wants to have, as a bit of a threat. “If you want to have that party, we have to get the kitchen cabinets repaired.” I said. And so he arranged it. “If you want to have that party we have to have the kitchen and music room painted”. I said. And so we arranged it. The front walks were repaired etc. etc. It worked beautifully. But not only was it a great motivator to get the things done, that we had meant to get done, but it moved me to accomplish stuff as well. The mountains of papers on the various desks in the house were gone through. I finally went through the pile of lotions and hairsprays on my bathroom vanity which had appeared after my mom and mother-in-law had passed away. My art studio was organized. I dusted places I had forgotten existed.

    Why had I felt the need to do this? There were several people coming to the party who had never been in my home before. At previous parties, invariably there were people who would say “Can I get a tour?” and I would show them around, saying “Ignore the piles..” This year I would have no excuses!

    So what happened? A few minutes before the party, a car driving on Fostertown Road was in an accident (everyone was ok) and hit the light pole across the street from my house. This knocked out the cable TV reception. 40 people showed up at my home, there was no TV, so they ate, shmoozed a little and then ran to their homes to watch the game. Not one person asked for a tour. No one noticed that I had cleaned up those piles. Some may have noticed the strange color that Ken had chosen to paint the kitchen but they were kind enough not to say anything.

    Anyway, I truly appreciate your efforts but only clean if it makes you feel good. I am leaving my white gloves at home!

    Can’t wait to share the joy of the wedding and to see everyone again!

    loveya, Gail

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