Travels with my son

My son has a business conference in Munich this week and I offered to come along with him. We took off this morning, a bright sun-filled day from Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. The last few days have been sunny and mild and although I knew that the weather in Munich could be quite different and I dressed for the colder weather, I never expected that after our stop in Istanbul, we would approach Munich and see only white below us. As we got closer to the ground, the scene became more and more beautiful. By the time we left the plane we could see that probably 12 inches of snow had fallen and the world was a beautiful white-iced cake.

At passport control in Munich, first my son and then I went to the window. The woman asked if we were traveling together. After he was waved through, it was my turn and I told the attractive young woman that I was his mother. She said, “Oh, I thought you were his wife.” I said, “No, his wife is young and beautiful.” She said, “That is what I thought.” It made my day.

But what really made my day was when we finally emerged from the train and began walking toward the inn where we are staying. The air was fresh and clear and cool, but not cold. We walked along the empty street past beautiful manicured houses with warm lights and fine woods visible through their windows and past a stately church and the city hall as barely a car drove by. The snow beneath our feet felt fresh and crunched as we walked, pulling our suitcases behind us. Aside from the sounds of our feet and suitcases, it was almost silent outside. I had forgotten how tranquil and peaceful the snow is. I hadn’t expected such a wonderful treat.

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