A Stranger in Paradise

This will have to be short since I have spent my limited time deleting insurance ads and other spam comments.

Today we saw some more beautiful scenery, quiet villages, and very very high mountains where there are still several meters of snow on the ground, but from which flow heavy torrents of water down the mountains gathering in rushing rivers everywhere.

I grew up in the eastern part of the US where we had plenty of trees and water, but after almost 11 years of living in Israel, trees that have not been purposely planted and rushing water seem surreal. Can it really be that there are places on earth that are so naturally lush? I can’t get over all of the green and freshness.

But, to tell the truth, I miss home because as beautiful as it all is, it is not mine.

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  1. If it’s any comfort, home misses you!
    Just this Shabbat and one more, and you get to come home, and show pictures, and use real internet, and cuddle someone who says “potato,” “turtle,” and “Gugi” very nicely.

    (you should see her with the turtle… she’s fascinated!)

  2. frank spigel says

    No bed is as comfortable as your own.
    Speaking of home, I will never something that I saw take Place in 1966.It was a june afternoon, and I had just gotten on the bus at O’Hare Airport in Chicago to meet a friend downtown. On that bus was a young black sailor somewhere in his 20’s either getting out of the navy orcoming home on leave, He was so glad to be home that he was in tears, and a young lady handed him kleenex.

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