Saturday night we were invited to a reunion of those who had been on our tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. Although we came from all over Israel, amazingly, almost everyone showed up! We all looked like real people– not like people who were living out of suitcases… Some people brought their photos and the photos were amazing. I’ll be posting some of mine soon. One person brought his video and it was almost like being back there. We had a great time on the trip and a great time at the reunion with wonderful people we had traveled with.

What amazed us was that we had had no idea that on the tour were two fantastic artists whose work we were able to see that evening. The hostess is a talented painter and her friend who she traveled with is a noted sculptress. We just thought that they were really nice people and had no idea that this was another brush with greatness!

The highlight of yesterday was going with K and her husband (who we have unofficially adopted) to a 12 week ultrasound and seeing their little one! What a special moment that was for them and for me.

And today, we, like the rest of Israel, are bracing for the storm and those at higher elevations are anticipating snow. Already the rain is falling on the glass roof of our back porch (which our now 14 year old granddaughter once dubbed “the aquarium.”) The leaves of the bougainvillea are glistening with rain droplets.

And most important… most likely one set of grandchildren will have a great day tomorrow as they roll in the snow.

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  1. It’s only an aquarium on rainy days…
    but I love that girl’s sense of humor.

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