Ten things you’ll never hear me say

Thanks, Kirby, for inviting us all to participate.

Here are my 10 in no particular order.

1. I sure do wish you would let that beard of yours grow longer and more bushy.

2. I so love cleaning house!

3. If you’re going to be serving ice cream, I’d rather not come.

4. Why are you having yet another child?

5. Going away? To where? No, sorry, I’d rather stay home.

6. It doesn’t matter how you act when you are away from home because no one you know will ever find out.

7. I regret staying home to raise my children.

8. My kids and I aren’t so close.

9. I’m moving back to the US.

10. Who wants to come shopping with me for some scarves to cover my face?

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  1. Rona….

    That list is hilarious……Sooo funny…..

    I remember Ida Mae doing your housework for you 35 years ago or so, at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, where we met. It was the first time that it occurred to me that a young mother needn’t attempt to vacuum like June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson….

    You were a liberated woman before your time. A role model for me. (But of course, I was steps ahead of you in fashion policing…but you have surpassed me even in that arena.)

    And the scarf comment…..has left me with laugh aftershocks!! Sooo funny.


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