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Ten things my parents never had to worry about

1. Setting up a router
2. A printer that came with a defective driver.
3. Getting interrupted at a wedding by a cellphone call.
4. Choosing whether to buy the spiral or straight energy-saving lightbulbs.
5. Sending message to 75 people without having had a chance to proofread it.
6. Running short of electrical outlets.
7. Trying to figure out how to use their “user-friendly” IPOD.
8. Making sure the had something to post on their blog every once in a while.
9. Wondering what their friends look and sound like.
10. Spam

Baby, baby, baby

It’s been baby time in our family for the last 15 years. Baby time started for us with that amazing announcement: “I’m pregnant!” by our older daughter. Miraculously, although we were only in our 20s ourselves (or so it felt) we went from being parents to being grandparents. And since then, the ball has been rolling. Babies have been arriving one after the other– a couple of years bringing as many as 4 new people into the world.

Let me tell you something about some of the babies I love:

Three year old twins- Chani & Eli-
Full of excitement and energy, these two could be a fulltime job for even the most active parent. However, in this house, they are not the only children. They have twin siblings (also a boy and a girl) 2.5 years older as well as two more older brothers. Life with Chani and Eli is always interesting and full of giggles and action.

Three year old- Ami
Ami has big blue eyes and a big infectious smile. He seems to know exactly how to get what he wants from his two older brothers and three older sisters, not to mention all of the adults who he charms with his coy manner.

Three year old (almost) Abigail
The image of her mother (at least in my eyes) beautiful and fine featured, this one seems to have been talking since birth. Not only does she talk, but she says interesting, sometimes off-beat, and invariably clever things. Very easy to cuddle.

Two year old (almost) Nomi
Walking and talking, this little bundle of blonde curls is dynamite. It will be no time before she and her sister Abigail will be taking over the world with their feminine wiles. They have two big sisters and a big brother.

One and a half year old Shira
Another blonde haired, blue eyed beauty, this one ia great at making her needs known. She is happy and bouncy and her eyes sparkle. She has two big brothers and two big sisters.

8 month old Kinneret
Although still very young, this little one has a personality. Her mom says she “has attitude.” She is happy and loves to smile. She also loves to eat the string of beads that holds my reading glasses. Very cuddlesome. Right now, she has her parents to herself.

And the best news is that we aren’t finished yet!