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Friday was a lovely day of relaxing and talking with my cousin. My husband and I went for lunch to a place that had bagels with real whitefish salad. You see, we have not really found whitefish salad in Israel, so instead, I buy smoked mackerel and my husband flakes it and mixes it with mayonnaise and it serves as a perfect substitute if you pretty much have forgotten what real whitefish salad tastes like.

My cousins invited friends to dinner and it was a delicious, pleasant, meal.

Shabbat morning we walked to a synagogue that was at a distance since my cousin wanted wto be with friends who were having a kiddush in honor of a happy occasion. It was sunny and bright and warm. The walk was pleasant because of the company and because of all of the beautiful homes we passed on the way.

My cousin and her husband are generous and kind people and staying with them was delightful.

Although it was the longest shabbat of the year, it passed all too quickly and this morning, we find ourselves packing and getting ready for the next part of the adventure.

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