From the road

We began the day in Ohio and progressed through Indiana and now are staying at a motel in Illinois.

A few observations:
1. The US is a big country.
2. The rest stops in Ohio are the nicest so far.
3. You can find cut up salad vegetables in most of the supermarkets.
4. If you put tuna and dressing on top, it almost tastes like a meal.
5. The price of coke on the road is outrageous.
6. Americans are very patient people–

This afternoon, traffic came to a standstill for close to a half hour on the interstate. When we finally started moving, we crawled along at about 5 miles an hour. Nobody honked their horns. Nobody tried driving around on the shoulders. Nobody got angry. People looked across at the people in the cars next to them and compared notes. No one knew what the hold up was. We all waited. We all finally started moving.

Every motel we’ve stayed at has “breakfast” in the morning. Most have fresh natural orange juice and coffee (some have cakes/donuts we can’t eat.) The one we stayed at this morning had hard boiled eggs and corn flakes. This is a welcome innovation since we last were in the States.

So tomorrow, we move on through Illinois, heading for Iowa.

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  1. Cut up veggies shows that people in the US have to cut corners if and when they cook because of the long commutes due to the big size of this country!

  2. Yoiur comment on drivers being patient means you haven’t made it to the West Coast yet!

    I love the breakfasts available at some of the hotels. It really makes hotel stays nicer on vacations. We don’t always want to have to go out for breakfast, nor do we want a lot of food. Just something easy that we can get before we go out for the day.

    I’m so glad to be reading your blog about the trip. I am really enjoying hearing about your adventures!

  3. The comment about drivers being patient means you haven’t yet hit the west coast!!! 🙂

    I love reading about your adventures! Some day I’d love to take a trip such as yours.

  4. Funny, I would have said cut up veggies reflect American laziness. 🙂 Not to offend the Yankees, as I was one up until a year ago. Kind of like how every store has a huge parking lot because Americans won’t walk anywhere.

    Anyhoo — glad to hear you’re well. And best of luck with Iowa. If you’d gone a bit earlier, you could have campaigned for office.

    We miss you. Just thought I would reiterate that.

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