A bowl of cherries

Once again unable to sleep, I finally got up at about 4:30 and started reading and writing emails yesterday. We finally left Camp Dodge at about 9:30 and wound our way back to the interstate. At least we tried to. Coming out of Dodge, we got to a traffic light and like most people, waited for it to change. For a minute or two or three or four or five — all the while anticipating that it might change sometime in this millenium since the millenium is still fairly new… But finally, after what seemed like at least ten minutes, I jumped out of the car, pushed the cross button on the pole, and jumped back into the car just as presto! the light changed.

The drive to Omaha was uneventful and we found our friends’ house with no problems. Oh my! These are wonderful friends- people we’ve known since their children and ours were little. And it was a pleasure to see their lovely home- actually a rather remarkable one and to spend time with them.

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that we are going to be taking a cruise to Alaska. They just returned from Alaska with magnificent pictures and lots of tell us about the trip. Now we are even more excited and we know who to ask for pictures if we miss taking something that we like.

In addition, we found out that their granddaughter is attending Camp Sabra. Now that may not have significance for most people, but when we think of Camp Sabra, we think of our son Sam, who worked there a couple of years as the mashgiach (“Sam, the kosher man”.)

We saw a bit of Omaha (it’s a big city!!) and after our presentation, the sky was a magnificent orange/purple as we made our way back to their home.

Our friends have a cherry tree and after we got home, we had creamy vanilla ice cream topped by cherries she prepared. Ohmigosh! Heaven should be so good!

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