That’s right, Poofy, we *are* in Kansas

In the morning, we were treated to a tour of our friends’ garden which is filled with all sorts of plants as well as fruit trees and an extensive vegetable patch. It was all so green and fresh and the sun was shining and we were so very happy for these wonderful people and the beautiful life they have created for themselves.

We reluctantly left and headed southward from Omaha toward Kansas.

It is at a time like this that one gets in touch with the important things in life. The rest stops on Interstate 80 in Nebraska are clean and light and airy. I was impressed. So impressed, I took pictures of the ladies room. Now you may think I am odd (OK, if you know me, you KNOW that I am odd), but when I got into the car, we drove on for a while and I said to my husband, “weren’t they nice bathrooms!” and he said, “Yes, I was actually going to ask you to take a picture of them.” “Well,” I said, “you are aren’t going to believe this but…” I guess we must be the odd couple.

Today was our 42nd anniversary. Hard to believe. I can still feel the excitement I felt that day, the fears, the uncertainty, the butterflies in my stomach…. or maybe it’s just the kind of food we’ve been eating on the road…

We stopped at a Walmart on the way to pick up some food for dinner. As usual, we bought fresh vegetables and fruits and bagels and pretzels. This time we found some kosher imitation bologna (we haven’t eaten it yet, so I don’t know if it’s awful or truly disgusting). I think it’s tomorrow’s lunch.

While there, I saw this beautiful fresh orange juice for sale in the refrigeration department in two really lovely containers. I said to my husband, “Don’t worry; this will be coming to Israel soon.” Which is true. These days it only takes a year or two or three before the terrific things make it over to our stores. And then I realized: the US is “coming attractions” for Israel.

We are taking the direct route that mapquest had laid out for us which took us off the interstates in Nebraska and we will be on regular state roads now cutting diagonally across Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and Texas into New Mexico. The side roads are very interesting, but they don’t offer certain amenities like rest areas and cell phone reception. So today, when our children had planned a really sweet conference call for us in honor of our birthday, they were not able to reach us, nor was I able to reach them at the appointed time from my cell phone or from a dial phone that using two different dialing methods, swallowed a dollar each time. (On one call, I could hear my son and he couldn’t hear me. I was in the middle of a parking lot and so I screamed words one at a time at the top of my lungs — he should have been able to hear me without a telephone. He said that he could hear screaming, but no words. I gave up.)

But I digress…

We are in a town called “Great Bend, Kansas.” How many of you have been here?

Tomorrow… southwestward

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