We’re not in Kansas anymore

We started off this morning where??? Great Bend, Kansas. We drove along miles and miles and miles and miles of flat fields, filled with corn. We saw huge grain silos. We saw an windfarm in Spearville, Kansas, about 17 miles north of Dodge City. And yes, it is *that* Dodge City. The good and bad news about driving today was that because it is the 4th of July, there was very little traffic however, pretty much everything was closed. So as we breezed our way through Dodge City, there was really nowhere to stop. I did get a couple of pictures that will eventually make their way to my facebook picture album (but not today)…

However, one thing that was open was the Wizard of Oz site at Liberal Kansas. It was very very cute. Real Americana.

As we drove farther, we watched the landscape change as there were more and more livestock- mainly horses and cattle- and less and less farming. We saw the beginning of a desert landscape.

After driving for hours in the hot weather (outside temp went up to 95 Fahrenheit), we were tired and stopped here in Dalhart, Texas. It is going to be a long shabbat… nowhere to go, nothing to do… can’t even leave the room. Gives togetherness new meaning.

I’ll let you know how we make it through…

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  1. Gerald Ford says

    Welcome to Texas- you are only 725 miles from my part of Texas. I hope you have a wonderful time. We will be on the road today, also, to pick up our granddaughter in north central Texas, for a July visit with us. This part of Texas has a lot of trees, compared to Dalhart.

    Gerald Ford

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