Getting my fix on Route 66

This morning we once again gathered up all of our belongings and hit the road.

After a couple of hours, I remembered that I hadn’t carried our portfolio envelope with all of our important papers (airline tickets, boarding passes for the cruise, car rental contract) out to the car. I warm flush came over me and this time it wasn’t a hot flash. We were driving at about 70 mph, and stopping wouldn’t have helped because we had last had cell phone reception in Omaha! A few minutes later, I remembered that I had put the portfolio into the little suitcase that carries all of the electronics equipment and so when we finally stopped at a rest area, I was more than pleased to see it still with us. The truth is that everything was replaceable. All of it was produced from emails we’d received and both of us have gmail accounts that are accessible everywhere. But I did panic.

It turns out that route 54 cuts on the diagonal from Liberal Kansas into New Mexico, and once in New Mexico, we were running parallel to old Route 66 which we corssed a couple of times. Those of you who are as old as I am remember that Route 66 was the haunt of those two hunky men, George Maharis and Martin Milner. A lot of us swooned over them, and I half expected to see them tooling along the highway this morning, but alas, both of them are (as my husband likes to say) super-annuated (= old). It’s a good thing *I* haven’t changed…

We drove through beautiful country, at one point seeing ahead of us what looked like acres and acres of brown and black bundles. As we passed, we saw that those bundles were cattle. Thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of them. I said to my husband, “Now I am impressed!”

We also loved the beautiful topography of the countryside and the desert plants.

About 25 miles outside of Albuquerque, our cell phone came to life, just in time for us to call Kirtland Air Force Base to see if they had a room for us for the night. We are staying in a lovely little suite with a fridge and microwave and TVs in the living room and bedrooms. Unfortunately the wifi is in the basement laundry room and I am not alone down here. There is at least one six legged black creature crawling around on the floor and likely others who I haven’t seen.

We did make a foray to the commissary and picked up some very nice food including some packaged kosher corned beef, our first meat in a little over a week. We then went downtown (if such a concept exists here) and walked into the Indian Museum just close enough to closing time so that all we really saw was the gift shop. It was pretty, but the prices…

And now we settle down for a good night’s sleep before we set out tomorrow for our next adventure.

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