From Albuquerque to Arizona

Note: I have posted pictures from this trip at this URL here.

We left Albuquerque and headed west once again. It was hot when we started out and it didn’t get any cooler… The driving wasn’t difficult and the landscape was gorgeous. We stopped a few times to see native American crafts, some of which we were tempted to buy. However, we found that better than 90% of the souvenirs and jewelry were made in (guess where, everyone) China!

We passed by a family that was standing in the heat of the day by the side of the road with a cardboard sign that said, “out of gas.” My husband gave them some money just as we entered a souvenir shop. When we came out, they were gone. I guess they got enough gas to get back on the road.

We saw a punk rocker (I guess) whose picture I took. Although he looked like every mother’s nightmare, he seemed to be a sweet kid who was just trying to be special. He was happy to allow me to take his picture and exchanged a few words with us.

Some of the landscape coming into Arizona was too beautiful to be believed, but we were moving at 75 miles an hour and so pictures were pretty impossible.

We stopped at a motel in Holbrook Arizona at about 4. This one had an outdoor swimming pool. We were the only two people in the pool (at the time, we may have been the only two people in the motel!) and although the water was cold, we had a nice time swimming.

Tomorrow– on to Phoenix!

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  1. Ah, those pictures really take me back. It’s amazing how dramatically the scenery changes as soon as you cross into N.M. I hope the locals treated you well (even if you don’t dig the buffalo/bison meat).

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