Rising like a Phoenix

This morning we left Holbrook, Arizona, and headed toward Phoenix. The road was very interesting and beautiful. We saw a lot of big driving motor homes towing cars (we’ve seen then consistently since we started our trip) and lots of trucks. We also saw long long freight trains transporting dozens of containers in both directions, east and west.

The terrain was desert-like for a good deal of time when suddenly we saw in front of us what looked like a mirage. Far far in the distance was a very tall mountain. We drove toward it for what was surely over a half hour, maybe 40 minutes, and it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Finally finally, we got close to the mountain just as we were driving on a serious upgrade and suddenly we were in a pine woods, lush with greenery and trees everywhere! We were in Flagstaff! And it was beautiful, particularly after several days of desert landscape.

On the other side of Flagstaff, we descended and as we did, the terrain began looking more and more desert-like when suddenly we saw those very tall cacti that I thought only existed in comic books!! They were amazing to see.

And shortly afterward, we came into Phoenix where we are staying with dear friends from Modi’in who have another home in Phoenix. Since we had only seen them in Modi’in, pulling up to their lovely home here was a treat. It was fun to reminisce and to spend time together and to see their other life. Although we have known them a relatively short time, we have shared some important experiences together and they have helped us out when we really needed people to count on. We get to spend two nights in Phoenix with Miriam and Len and so we hope to do some sightseeing tomorrow. With some luck, I’ll post more pictures tomorrow night.

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  1. When I saw that you went through Flagstaff, where I’ve never been, I remember our Brookline, MA, car mechanic telling me that, when he retired, he was going to live in Flagstaff, which he described as Heaven on Earth.

  2. You know, the world gets smaller and smaller! I know Dr. Savta through her blog, and through her daughter, Rachel. I met Rachel online since we both have twins. We will be hopefully meeting in person for the first time in a week or so when she comes to San Diego.

    However, the “Miriam and Len” who are mentioned in this post are my aunt and uncle!

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