Was it something I said?

I don’t mean to be paranoid. Really. But let’s look at what happened:

I arrrived in LA to spend time with my son and his family. His wife’s parents and sister have graciously hosted us. Until yesterday. When my daughter-in-law’s parents left for a three day vacation. And this morning, when my son and his wife flew off to Las Vegas for a quick get-away.
Yesterday, we went with my son and his wife and their children to the museum of natural history. We had a great time seeing the animals- African and North American and a dinosaur skeleton that was being restored and some lovely snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlies. After that we went to an ice skating rink where the children had a great time! Many of them skated with little walkers that helped them keep their balance.

Today we went to the sight most yearned for by Americans transplanted to Israel: Target. Yes, it was fun. We even spent a little money there. We bought another bag to transport our goodies in. Then we had lunch (fish) and cashed the rest of the US Savings Bonds we had brought and then went to The Grove, a lovely outdoor shopping area where we wandered around, enjoyed the scenery and marvelled at the amount of money people were spending on the American Girl dolls and all of the clothes and accessories that go with them. We saw one of the dolls set up to look as if she were ironing. I couldn’t help thinking that her owner *should* have the money to buy her a housekeeper.

My husband says I should mention that I displayed great self-control by passing up a blouse that had been reduced from $1800 to a mere $700.

Walking through the Grove, we heard nice music and watched the dancing waters of the fountain that were coordinated with the music. It was a bright and sunny day.

Tomorrow: Our last day in LA

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