Hello again, hello

After a completely amazing tour to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Peru, I am finally back home. Of course the normal jet lag one would feel having traveled through 7 times zones was assisted by our brief, but annoying sojourn in Madrid– a city that seems to want me to stay. In January, I was delayed in Madrid two days. This time it was about 16 hours, but still no fun, especially when it seemed that I was so close to home.

In the coming days we have guests coming and going and coming and going. We have tenants leaving and new ones coming in. Two of the family will be having surgery, and I will be preparing for yet another tour in South America. We also will be celebrating out 44th wedding anniversary.

Hopefully, I’ll start writing again soon.

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  1. I got tired just reading that. Here’s to hoping all things go smoothly and that much sleep fills in the cracks in the schedule.

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