Moscow, Russia

Moscow was one of the places I visited that surprised me the most. I thought of it as a dark dour place and it was anything but that. I was amazed by the creativity and the art and here I will show you just a couple of examples.

We went to a number of synagogues while in Moscow and one of them was a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue. We passed this fence while walking toward the synagogue.

Fence in Moscow

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So what do people do with an old synagogue which was probably not used for more than 70 years until after the fall of the Soviet Union? Well, it could be refurbished, which this one was, both inside and outside, but suppose one wanted to update it, expand it, and yet preserve the facade? Well, here is the result:

Chabad Synagogue, Moscow

Chabad Synagogue, Moscow

As one walks toward the synagogue, this is what one views, a modern looking, concrete and glass structure. As one nears the entrance, this is what one sees.

Synagogue, Moscow

Yes, it is a glass wall that is in front of the old facade of the building. It provides additional space and insulation as well as an updated look.

And here is the original facade

Chabad synagogue, Moscow

Fortunately the synagogue is not only beautiful to visit, but it is thriving. While we visited there were groups of people praying in the main synagogue and the large, beautifully decorated chapel, and upstairs there is a snack bar and a roof garden and other recreational facilities. After years of suppression of religious worship, it is amazing to see what has happened. This is not the Russia I thought I would be seeing. It was a pleasant surprise!


  1. these are just wonderful! I really love the first photo.

  2. oh, yes, they are wonderful indeed! I love the first and second photos! Marvelous tour of Moscow! Thanks for taking us along!

    Have a great week!


  3. I’m with Bobbie – the iron scrolling on the sidewalk is beautiful! The curvy shadows are like the ocean surf, the waves cresting before they crash onto the shore. An artistic and lovely capture!

  4. Yes crashing waves for sure, what wonderful workmanship indeed!

  5. love that first shot with the swirly shadows..

  6. glad to hear that the synagogue is thriving. The fence shadows are very beautiful

  7. I agree to the ladies choosing the first pix. Loving that too. Looks like a goodies that melt in my lips… he he.

    Fantastic contribution!


  8. Like frenzied dancers
    convoluted fence shadows
    twirl upon the walk.

    My Shadow Shot

  9. Beautiful synagogue, and the fence shadows are gorgeous.

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