Jerusalem, Israel

I am lucky enough to be living in one of the most amazing parts of the planet. Israel is truly a miraculous country. It is also a very beautiful country.

I live in Modi’in, a new city, only 13 years old, with a population of over 70,000. We are located about 1/2 way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A drive to either city is about 30 minutes long during non-rush hour times.

In June, we celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of one of our grandsons. On the way to the Western Wall, where the service took place, we passed some children on their way to school.

Morning in the Old City of Jerusalem

Morning in the Old City of Jerusalem

We walked a little further through the lovely stone streets in the peaceful light of early morning and saw beautiful scenes such as this

A street in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

A street in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

We then got to the area where the Hurva Synagogue had been. The Hurva Synagogue had stood on land that had been used for Jewish prayer since the 14th century. It was constructed beginning in 1836 and was completed in 1856. It was a big, beautiful landmark in the center of Jerusalem. In 1948, when the UN voted to finally recognize the Jews’ claim to the land of Israel, the Arabs were not willing to have a Jewish presence in the Middle East and attacked the fledgling state seeking to completely destroy it. Israel’s victory was nothing short of miraculous for the Jews were out-armed and out-manned.

However, despite the overall victory, the Jordanians had captured the Old City of Jerusalem and among their first acts was destruction of all of the synagogues. The Hurva was no more.

In 1967, when Jerusalem was reunited, an arch was constructed atop the ruined building to mark the site of where the synagogue had been. After that there was a great deal of debate as to what to do with the area. Finally, in the last year or two, construction began to restore the synagogue and this is a picture of it in June as construction was continuing.

The Hurva Synagogue, under construction

The Hurva Synagogue, under construction

And this is the reason for this lovely outing, my fabulous grandson, Matan, who celebrated his Bar Mitzvah that day! How proud we were of him then and how proud we are of him always!

Matan at the Western Wall

Matan at the Western Wall


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful shadow views of Jerusalem.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. The shadows between the walls are stunning! The fortress sized walls (to me) transport me to my idea of a medieval city, or at least centuries old, the USA not that old with few stone fortress walls. The shadows really show the immense proportions of the structures. The bright morning sun is glorious, a wonderful day is beginning…

  3. Stunning architecture, stunning place and the shadows work well giving the ambience
    of history as well as modernity.

  4. I’m always in awe every time I go to the Old City. There’s nothing that doesn’t serve to remind me of what an amazing place I’m in 🙂 Your pictures are beautiful.

  5. Wonderful series of photos, especially the second one

  6. At the Western Wall
    a young boy becomes a man,
    who follows Torah.

    My Shadow Shot

  7. Nice composition having a person under the arch! Much better than if the person was not there.

  8. Magnificent shots! This is really the best shots I ever seen this week-end. Loving the natural looks, the vintage and of course, the history in one.

    Happy week!

  9. There is nothing like being with family in Jerusalem. Mazal Tov.

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